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"In essential things, unity. In doubtful things, liberty. In all things, charity.”


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Dear Guest, 

I would like to think of this site as a virtual faith community.  For more than thirty years in parish and school ministry, my faith has been stimulated, and my views have been challenged, by the questions and thoughts of so many people – young and old.  I would hope that this would become a place where we could continue our discussion about our faith and our church - and how these concerns interact with our civic responsibilities.

John Courtney Murray, S.J. defined democracy as “…opposing viewpoints locked in civil conversation.”  Fr. Michael Himes contends that, whether we are speaking about church or state, the word locked is critical.  As citizens, and as people of faith, we make a commitment to remain engaged in the on-going conversation.

With shrill voices all around us, with dissension and debate being considered disloyal, we all need a safe place to test our ideas.  I hope that this site can answer that need.

I look forward to hearing from you.