Speaking Engagements 

Anthony Ercolano is available to address your audience on a variety of topics.  These include:

Finding Meaning in Illness

“How do past experiences, myths, and stories affect my ability to handle illness?”

            Does my life still have meaning?  Will my life have meaning once I am gone?

            Meaning (which may or may not be faith-based) is a strong indicator of higher tolerance

            for pain and fatigue and lower incidence of depression

Victor Frankl - Logotherapy

The evocation of meaning through myth

            The transformative power of story

                        Originating emanation

                        Challenging Myth

                        Dialogue or resistance


                        Invitation to others

            Transformative movies and stories

            You can be whoever you want to be through the course of your illness.  You have the

            capacity to interpret your life and your illness any way you want.


Dealing With the Loss of a Loved One

“How to begin the process of healing after the loss of a loved one.”

            For the minister - Ministering to the survivors

            Symptoms of grief

            Common myths about the 5 stages

            The work of Grief

                        To accept the reality of the loss

                        Experience the pain

                        Adjust to the new environment

                        Reinvest in the new reality

            Highly personal process

            (Meditation Experience)

            The failure to address




The Path to Self Love – A Spiritual Journey

“There will never be another you.”

            Discovering who we are

            Healing misconceptions

            When have you felt most loved?

            Living in the presence of the Other.

            I am irreplaceable.

            Positive input of various religious traditions

            Meditation/contemplation exercise


Spiritual Issues in End-of-Life Care (for the healthcare provider)

            A consideration of universal spiritual concerns

            If a patient is dying, they do not need a technician; they need a caring presence.

            "One who has a 'why' to live for can bear with almost any 'how.'"

            Unique spiritual concerns that pertain to specific religious traditions



“How can I learn to hear what my parent (child) is really saying?”

            Communicating with your child; Communicating with your parent; The art of active listening


 Aging Well

Practical suggestions for healthy aging

Mental, physical and emotional guidance as one faces retirement or aging.


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